Yoga is a continual and ever evolving practice for me, a way life. Sourced from deep love and devotion for awakening and remembering who we truly are. My sadhana inspires me to live with more presence, intention and awareness in daily life both on and off the mat. I continue to peel the layers of what I think myself to be and return home to my innate essence. Yoga has aided me on my journey to embodiment and taught me that my mind can be a servant of my spirit rather than a master. These disciplines and my own lived experience are what I aim to impart to my students who are often simultaneously my greatest teachers.

I received my teacher training in 2008 from The Yoga Institute in Houston, Texas where I lived and learned for eight years. My home studio was Joy Yoga where I taught 12-15 group classes a week. I later expanded into offering yoga therapy to clients with disabilities, teaching corporate classes and working with private clients.

In 2010 I had the great fortune to meet my beloved spiritual teacher, Amma Sri Karunamayi. That encounter was the catalyst for me to continue my in depth studies of yoga and meditation by making yearly pilgrimages to Her ashram in South India for intensive sadhana (spiritual practice) where I attended 7-15 day silent meditation retreats. The nectar and transformation of these journeys inspired & ignited my soul passion to assist others in remembering their True Divine Nature. Throughout my twenties, I visited the sacred Motherland and birthplace of yoga five years in a row to deepen my studies and thereby infuse my offerings with lived experience. My intention in sharing this ancient and sacred practice is that each person awaken to their Divine wholeness, their Supreme Self. With deep love and gratitude for the ways in which this practice has blossomed my heart and blessed my life, I intend to I support my students to build a foundation for their personal practice to blossom fully.