To retreat is to come home to yourself. To your innate wisdom, power and well being. To take sanctuary in knowing that you are your own best healer. My goal is to provide a sacred container for you to experience this. My offerings are centered in earth based rituals and healing practices. I look forward to supporting you on your path to remembrance and wholeness.


The Way of Lunar Wisdom - A Women’s Retreat
Posada Natura DATES TBD 2020

Join us for a deep immersion in the lush and wild rainforest of Costa Rica. Six nights and seven days remembering the ancient ways and wisdom of our feminine lunar rhythms. Surrounded by nature and her primordial essence, we are supported in our journey back to balance and harmony physically, mentally and spiritually by the land and our fellow sisters


Soul Callings in Mother India - A Group Retreat

Join us for a deep immersion in the birthplace of yoga & meditation that is Mother India. Six nights and seven days awakening to our true Divine essence through sadhana and ritual. Surrounded by the ancient Himalayas and the reverberation of blessings from the many rishis, saints and sages who have realized their True Nature on this land, we delve deeply into somatic remembering of who we truly are.


Individual Personalized WOMEN’s Retreats - Deep Dive Immersions

Deep dive immersions in the comfort of your own home or at a remote specially crafted nature location. Customizable length from a day long to one week or anywhere in between. After our initial consultation in person or Skype, I will create a program that is optimized to your unique needs, desire for growth, nourishment and care. This can be a respite from the business of the city, in your own home or at a nature based location I provide. Our session can include but are not limited to: beautifully crafted organic meals, daily meditation seated or movement, tea ceremony, energy work, massage therapy, yoga classes, intuitive counseling & earth based rituals for embodiment. You will have a take home guide crafted to maintain the practices beneficial to you.